KanD Johnson May 25, 2018

Official Music Is Magic YouTube Channel The Official Music Is Magic Youtube Channel Features Original Songs, Exclusive Music via Real Raw Records. ? Konnect Social Community Strictly4Gs Be a part of History in the making, Legendary Movement. Join us over 7000 other Gs? Call 518-732-5729

PreciousQueenbee May 17, 2018

This Message Will Self Destruct – Poem An Anonymous Author© I am suppose to write a poem that is related to specific content. I didn’t think the topic was too important. I actually forgot the topic it took me so long to complete the assignment. I was the one who originally came up with the […]

PreciousBre April 29, 2017

Song Title | Thank You Lord ” You Don’t have to be Religious to Be Thankful ”  Quotes by KanD Thank You Lord is about having an attitude of gratitude  Oh Lord you been, you been o w ow…ow so dog on good And I just want to say thank you Lord Aint nobody like […]

PreciousBre March 28, 2016

Streaming Going Down The Stream Corporate investments take a dive believing in a dream with no steam. A venture capitalist enjoys the luxuries of making money by day and spending it as he pleases by night. However, these, what appears to be worry less creatures, worst nightmare is to wake up and find out their cash cow […]

PreciousBre August 31, 2015

Poem Title – Trapped© I lay bound and conformed to a bed. Unable to move or barely breath. As I laid there, I fight, not to be trapped in the hollow shell of myself. Getting rid of myself. I thought to end it all but it isn’t my time to go. Trapped here, bound within […]

PreciousBre August 30, 2015

Legendary Love Comes Natural I was scrolling through post on my news feed on Facebook   I wasn’t expecting to scroll up on Legendary Love in action. Legendary is Never Ordinary but always extraordinary. Facebook and most social media sources are filled with chaos and destruction. But every now and then you find hope. Every now […]

PreciousBre August 18, 2015

NEVER TOO LATE FOR CHANGE TRUE LIFE STORY This lady who was a deadly professional prostitute, she did prostitution for a living and had a lot of customers around. She knew that no man will ever accept her as a wife, so she went to a hospital and told the doctor to remove her womb […]

PreciousBre August 18, 2015

The Best Way to Find Yourself Who are you? People tend to have a nature with in them that is seeking. For some this inner seeker is stronger than others. It asks, “Who are you? I couldn’t tell you why that is, only that I noticed this fact. The inner seeker is where desire comes […]

PreciousBre May 21, 2015

Thank You Lord Quotes by KanD ” You Dont have to be Religious to Be Thankful ”  Thank You Lord is about having an attitude of gratitude  Oh Lord you been, you been o w ow…ow so dog on good And I just want to say thank you Lord Aint nobody like ya You been, […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Selfish pursuit of Success You would be surprised to know that your attitude is a very critical ingredients in your accomplishments or lack of. The “Every man for himself” attitude is the very thing that is keeping you from the very thing you want?  Take your collaboration further than just recording a song together. Network on […]