Record Label Creating Five Thousand Jobs


Most tax-payers despise the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), but what many people don’t realize is… the I.R.S. is a Government Nonprofit Agency, and they employ a MINIMUM of 91,717 people at any given day of the year. Do you know what that means?  That means, if they close down for good, Our Economy Would Crash and almost one hundred thousand people would be UNEMPLOYED and, maybe even worse HOMELESS.

Our organization is different than the I.R.S. because we can’t demand money from people. People sometimes say, “Why are charities always begging for money?”

We are trying to help people Earn Money. Do you think we should have to beg for money? Here is another eye-opening fact. If each one of those 91,717 people donated $20.00 each to Real Raw Records, we would have $1,834,340.00. Did you know that if we used all of that money to employ people at $50,000.00 a year, it would only employ less than 40 people? So now are you wondering how we plan to afford to employ 5,000 people? So glad you asked!

Fact: Terise (KanD) Johnson, CEO and founder of this corporation, started this company while living in a homeless shelter. She was born mentally retarded, but she has a gift. She is a singer, but she is very wise in business and finances. She set up Real Raw Records as a DEBT-FREE organization to protect the company from financial pressure. Never owing anyone means all finances taken in are used for the organization’s growth, and not to catch up. She also spends money earned or donated to invest in things that make the company’s money increase, not the stock market (that’s gambling). She is not a risk-taker. She advocates NO RISK INVESTING.  We could tell you more, but we must be discrete when sharing valuable business ideas. We have given you enough insight for you to know we can make your money work for you.