Day: May 17, 2018

This Message Will Self Destruct – Poem

An Anonymous Author©

I am suppose to write a poem that is related to specific content. I didn’t think the topic was too important. I actually forgot the topic it took me so long to complete the assignment.

I was the one who originally came up with the idea of a poem to submit. Then I lost interest in my own goal, should I admit. The poem was supposed to be about life.  Truth is I don’t know much about life. Problem is, I will soon be a mother and a wife.

What was I thinking at the time. Now it is required to be turned in by a deadline.

I’m upset because, I was just talking about it. I hadn’t planned on being about it. It sounded good to say, I wanted to do what I should have been doing any way.
I had no other motivation but to say what I thought others wanted to hear. I have no desire to advance my own career. When it come down to actually doing it, I disappear.
Am I suppose to be writing a poem that touch the soul and have you thinking deep profound thoughts?  I’m not deep or profound. How am I supposed to produce something with great meaning, a work of art.
I assumed that the poem was suppose to be long and full like a Thanksgiving feast.
This poem is no Thanksgiving feast, its barely a poor man’s lunch. It was suppose  to be filled with a lot of great stuff.
I have a lot to say, but…
I’m suppose to be writing a poem, but my mind is drawing a blank. All I can come up with, to write about, is how I am suppose to be writing a poem, and I don’t care enough to think.
This message will self Destruct.
This poem will destroy others creativity and adorn me with bitter failure. I wrote it to warn others who are on the path to success of any meausure. It’s easy to do nothing, play the victim, blame others and create stress. This message will Self Destruct unless…

I scrap this one and try to do my best.

Written By: Brettisha Tousant – An Anonymous Author©
Song Title: Be About It!
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