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Real Raw Records Inc is the 1st Nonprofit Record Label in the

History of the Music Industry and in the charity sector.

We began, and are currently located in the State of New Jersey, Morris County Area. 

We provide artist development services to artist with real raw talent.

We create and promote “Music from the Soul For the Soul”.  

We support creative talent of all forms. Our main objective is to provide a platform for artist to perfect their craft and showcase their ability. 

Please contact us if there are any additional questions that you feel we should address and we will add that information to accommodate you and future visitors to our site.

Have you heard we are creating five thousand jobs? Yes, 5,000 Jobs!

Have you heard we are creating five thousand jobs? Yes, 5,000 Jobs!

We have plans in place to create at least 5,000 jobs. Keep in mind a nonprofit corporation is a business, and all businesses need employees. Our purpose as a nonprofit organization is economic development. Our organization is orchestrated to create jobs for people with and without formal education.

Real Raw Records 1st Charity Record Label Music History


Real Raw Records’ Mission 

We design economic enrichment programs and create jobs. Our program, Music Is Magic Initiative, teaches the less fortunate practical methods how to utilize natural creative abilities to become financially stable. We also preserve art by raising awareness of the value of creativity most industries.

“Music from the soul for the soul”

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People assume that the words Record Label are self explanatory, but they are not. Did you know that many large record labels own all TV, MEDIA, CABLE, INTERNET, TECHNOLOGY, SPORTS, and many other companies that have nothing to do with music? Perhaps you know a little about record companies but would like to know more.

What do record labels do? Information via #Real Raw Records


Real Raw Records Inc


FREE! Similar to the words Record Label, there are also myths about what the words Nonprofit and Charity mean.  Do you know what nonprofit means? Are you sure you understand what charity means?

Did you know the National Football League (NFL) and numerous other Sports Leagues are Nonprofit organizations? I know what you are thinking now, “But they make loads of money.” You are right! Want to know how a record label can be a charity and how this can be of help to you in your desire to fulfill your dreams? Don’t be the last to know…What is a nonprofit or not-for-profit mean

Real Raw Records Inc

Executive Insert 

Fact: Terise (KanD) Johnson, CEO and founder of this corporation, started this company while living in a homeless shelter.

The owner was born with mental disabilities, but she has overcome the stigma of her illnes with grace. KanD Johnson is not only an amazingly talented person but also wise in business and finances. She set up Real Raw Records as a DEBT-FREE organization to protect the company from financial pressure. Never owing anyone means all finances taken in are used for the organization’s growth, and not to catch up. She also spends money earned or donated to invest in things that make the company’s money increase, not the stock market (that’s gambling). She is not a risk-taker. She advocates NO RISK INVESTING.  We could tell you more, but we must be discrete when sharing valuable business ideas. We have given you enough insight for you to know we can make your money work for you.

real raw records


We appreciate Kathy Jones a professional book author who has taken the time to help us with editing the content on our site. She has a big heart and has been a big help to our organization.

She has a very motivational book titled “Dirt Poor” which is a must read. CLICK HERE to contact her via facebook to purchase the book.




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Why and how our organization began.


Click What we do for a list of services we provide.


Details of our accomplishments and goals.


Introduction and explanation of our standards and brand.


Real Raw Records Donor Bill of rights


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  4. Please contact us if there are any additional questions that you feel we should address and we will add that information to accommodate you and future visitors to our site.

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